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Monday, April 11, 2011

Zine Showcase #11

Zine Showcase #11

Dennis Pomales

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The Heart Cave // $1 + shipping

The Heart Cave is an 18 page, black and white, quarter-sized zine. Dennis Pomales describes the illustrations within as "creatures at the beginning stages of their spiritual, emotional and mental evolution." Divinely intricate illustrations of esoteric things are crowded into this mesmeric zine; being the first of an ongoing series I am curiously eager to see what will come next.

Erd Yakingun
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Miniature Atrocities // 50p + shipping

Here we have another fantastically twisted "miniature atrocity" in the form of a zine-poster crafted from a single sheet of A4 paper. In the typical style of this London based illustrator, this zine features drawings that can only be described as troubled (in the best possible way imaginable).

Kiddy Qualia
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Pareidolia Zine // $2 + shipping

Pareidolia is a psychological phenomenon involving a vague and random stimulus - in this case water marks, peeling wallpaper and obscure stains - being perceived as familiar. Common examples of this would be seeing a face on the moon or hearing hidden messages in a record played backwards. Pareidolia is a 20 page zine comparing marks found in an attic alongside illustrative interpretations of what one may possibly see within them. A curious concept turned into a surprising little zine.


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The Little Coloring Book of Holiday Icons In Fictional Locations // currently unavailable

An 8 page delicately illustrated zine/comic/colouring book featuring holiday icons (think Buddha, Santa Claus and Cupid) in various fantasy locations (Massachusetts, World War Z and OZ). Despite the peculiar subject matter the illustration work is gorgeous (-ly hilarious)

Kelsey Keaton

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Rangifer // currently not available

Unfortunately Rangifer (if this is its true name) is unavailable for purchase since it is such a pretty little zine. Gorgeous illustrations, beautiful map and constellation imagery and printed on a brilliant azure-blue paper; I really enjoy when creators play around with the methods of zine making and this origami style folded zine is a delight.

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