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Friday, June 28, 2013

The Radvocate #10

The Radvocate #10

Image of The Radvocate #10


#10 is here! Gemma Correll drew us a pug on rollerblades with a birthday cake for the cover. What's left to say?
Oh yeah, the people involved. This issue features art, poetry & stories from Jason Greendyk, Amy Granite, Bruce Bales, Matt Mannila, Kenny Owens, Missy Solis, Kevin Yee, Sunny Katz, Thomas Martin, Anthony Muni Jr., Brian Krans, STRNGLV, Nate Hall, and Andrew DiPaolo.
Individual issues will be available at our store starting on Tuesday, 6/4 for $3 each. If you are have a shop or bookstore, please contact us about receiving large quantities. This issue in particular is a limited release of only 100 copies, so get yours while you can!


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