zine, [zeen] noun. 1. abbr. of fanzine; 2. any amateurly-published periodical. Oxford Reference


Monday, June 17, 2013

Possum Garage Press #14

Possum Garage Press #14
mini zine, 12 pgs w/ cardstock cover, $3 per issue or $6 for 3 issue subscription
The Possums are back! In this issue, Peter Possum offers a brief description of what his life is like living under the garden shed. As it turns out, it's a prime location. A couple of pleasant poems and lots of great possum illustrations fill up most of the rest of the issue. Very enjoyable (albeit quick) read.
Possum Garage Press
c/o Lanyon Studio
8 Winston Avenue
Wilmington DE 19804 USA

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