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Wednesday, June 19, 2013

One Minute Zine Reviews #5 - Autumn 2012

16 pages, 8.5 x 5.5", the usual, DJ Frederick, 36 West Main Street, Warner NH 03278, USA It's a well-known fact that there can never be enough review zines. And here's another one! First up, though, DJ laments the closing of US post offices and suggests how we can fight to turn this around. For instance, pick up a pen and write a real letter, or send a postcard! Unfortunately, the masses probably won't get this message, and besides, it's much easier to send a text or post on FaceBook. But on the subject of post offices, we in Australia don't seem to have that problem. Our post offices are just providing more and more services (like selling bus tickets, and letting you pay your phone and power bills there) and selling more and more stuff, like mobile phones, CDs, soft toys, board games, even lollies! Our post offices are beginning to resemble supermarkets where you have packets of Maltesers and Jelly Beans where you line up, as impulse items. Haw! Thankfully they still sell stamps and envelopes. I do have one gripe about this zine - there's too much space. There's only seven zine reviews, and for a 16-page zine that's a pretty low review count. I mean, I just finished reviewing Media Junky and that's only 8 pages, but has more than four times as many reviews as One Minute Zine Reviews.

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