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Monday, June 17, 2013

Joyful Dissent, Spring 2013

Joyful Dissent, Spring 2013
legal-size paper, 8 pages, donation
A zine for folks interested in activism involving political issues. The first article introduces an organization called Public Accountability Initiative, which investigates "power and corruption at the heights of business and government." The following article addresses drone strikes in Afghanistan. Another article is a personal account about working with an organization that provides basic necessities to Mexicans attempting to cross the border into the United States - the purpose being to help prevent migrants from dying in the dessert. Some of the information in this zine may only be pertinent to people living in and around Charlottesville, VA (the city in which this zine is produced). What I like most about this zine is the look of it. It's a cut 'n paste zine that takes me back to when I was first introduced to the world of zines. Very nostalgic for me at least, and good to know that little publications like this are still around. Worth a look.
Joyful Dissent
1310 Florence Road
Charlottesville VA 22902

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