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Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Sweet Stuff Comix #1

ADULTS ONLY! 32 pages, 7.5 x 5.5 ", $4.00, by Dexter Cockburn, thecomixcompany.ecrater.com In the middle of 'de-briefing' Ensign(?) Jane, space captain Marty Marz is called to the bridge by 'Number Two', Spunkmeyer. He and the rest of the crew are invited to the wedding of Lunaria, the only daughter of the King of the Moon, to Lord Smut. Before that happens, Spunkmeyer is seduced by the maidbot, F1F1; then at the moon we see the bride-to-be attended to by a couple of slave girls; then Marty reminisces about his sexual exploits with various alien women. We don't get to see the groom, Lord Smut. That will probably happen in Sweet Stuff #2, as this story is 'to be continued!' Other porntacular shenanigans involve Pippa Creme having to stay back after class, and Junior Ranger Becky investigating who has been taking down the 'Do Not Feed The Bears' signs. You guessed it! It's Bosco the Bear. Wall-to-wall smutty comix is the name of the game, so don't show this one to your granny. Unless she happens to be Andrea Dworkin.

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