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Friday, March 4, 2011

Zine Showcase #8

Jordan Kay

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Womens/Girls // $10 + shipping

Womens/Girls is a black and white illustration zine printed on coloured paper and contains a free A3 poster. The attention to detail is fantastic; I especially like the double page spreads, which works beautifully on the coloured pages. With a limited edition of only ten I would encourage you to pick up a copy of this wondrous "inspired by women" collaboration.

Sky Nash

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Broken Earphones // 80p + shipping

Inspired by snatches of conversations heard whilst travelling on the underground and bus routes around London, this zine features the words of strangers. Short and sweet this zine is a wonderful little idea, which I hope Sky Nash develops with her future zines - I would love to see (or rather, hear!) more of this project.

Delphine Bedient

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Moleskinexcavation is a 36 page mini-zine aiming to present the contents of Delphine Bedient's sketchbook, journal and general note-taking. A receptacle for all the little things one finds most important to remember, this zine is filled with lists and ideas which results in a strange and unintentional self-portrait.

Steph Neary, Dan McCloskey, Nate McDonough, Lizzee Solomon
Andy Scott, Tom Dewing and Jes LaVecchia

Andromeda #8 // $3 + shipping

A unique collaboration zine originating from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania Andromeda is a comic anthology aiming to discover talent who share a passion for illustration. Issue 8 has a silk-screened front and back cover, contains 28 pages of illustrations from seven artists; filled with counterculture mishaps, urban legendary pets, post-holiday remembrances and radical drawings. The Andromeda project has a fantastically diverse and light-hearted approach to zine making.

Edu Martínez Piracés

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Home Home Home // $1 + shipping

An 8 page mini-zine with illustrations of pretty homes. There isn't much I can say about this zine except to me it is perfect; clean lines, a minimal approach and beautiful imaginary homes that leave me wondering what kind of person is living inside each and every one of them..

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