This zine is “all about Oregon” according to the author, but that description doesn’t do the zine justice. The stories are set in Oregon, and one story specifically is about a scenic highway in Oregon, but the zine is a lot like remembering childhood/teenage memories. Some that actually happened and others that Martha created herself. Along with her stories there is some poetry sprinkled in. I’ve always felt that the sign of a good writer is the ability to communicate things without directly communicating them. The precision with which she conveys the ambiance of her stories is what makes this zine stand out. This zine will take you through experiences that were never yours and leave you amazed at how real and vivid something that never happened to you feels.

If you want to get a copy of this zine, and you should definitely want to, you can contact Martha at or at

PO Box 14871
Portland, OR, 97293