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Thursday, March 17, 2011

Smog City #2

Smog City #2
58 pages, 6 x 10
$5 US, $7 Can/Mex, $10 World
No Trades

This motherfucker can write. Of all the self published "serious wannabe writer" zines I seen so far, this is by far the best. Mulnix has raw talent and mastery of the written word, but more important, he has what many writers lack; the ability to identify his weak spots and improve. This issue is a single piece of fiction, and that's all I'm saying. In addition to the kick-ass prose, this also has some of the most creative, interesting layout and graphics you'll see, the likes of which you usually find only in artist books. Live long and prosper, Mulnix.

PO Box 29753
Los Angeles CA 90027


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