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Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Monkey Squad One Annual #1

Monkey Squad One Annual #1
digest, 28 pages, $2.50
If you are like me and you haven't yet read an issue of Monkey Squad One, then this is probably a pretty good place to start. The first page gives a brief overview of everything that has happened so far in the first six issues (issue by issue), and then throughout the rest of the book there are short bios of each of the main characters. Along with that there are several shorts that help get you more familiar with the characters and the background and at the same time help move the story along. The artwork is clean, precise, detailed, and fun; and the lettering is equally clean and readable. The story can be a bit complex due to the time travelling and the talk of multiverses and alternate timelines and such, but it isn't so overwhelming that intrigue and interest get lost in that stuff. I particularly like this comic because it's set in St. Louis, which isn't far from where I'm currently living, and I think it's great that the Arch (with the addition of a giant cannon) was used as the headquarters for one of the main groups in the story. This is a comic with a sense of adventure and the spirit of youth, and it's totally worth checking out.
to order contact Doug Michel at bandmichel@gmail.com

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