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Thursday, March 3, 2011

Zine Showcase #7: Brighton Edition

Leon Sadler, Lando, David Swan,
Tsemberlidis, Jon Chandler, Dan Hallett and Alex Payne

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Decadence #7 // £4 + shipping

Decadence #7 is a 68 page comic anthology from a collective featuring Leon Sadler, Lando, David Swan, Tsemberlidis, Jon Chandler, Dan Hallett and Alex Payne. I would like to own every single issue in the Decadence series simply because the illustration work is so utterly divine; this collective has everything - from the intricately detailed work to the immersive storyboards - accomplished with perfection.

Guy Jarrett
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4 Amigos // £2 + shipping

A black and white 20 page zine about a boxer called John "Iron First" Limbo, a barber named Oscar Williams, Captain Stillman Baits the fisherman and Quechua Hototo, a native American. A simple idea wonderfully carried out.

Vicky Webb
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Cover Contain Compost // £3.50 + shipping

Part of a collective called Whirlygig, Vicky Webb has created this adorably quaint zine series about allotments. Printed on recycled paper and held together by a recycled manilla brown envelope sleeve; each zine illustrates aspects of keeping an allotment including make-shift shelters, plant containers and compost bins. Pleasantly simplified illustrations capturing the wonders of a 'grow your own' culture.

Vicky Webb
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Bear Is Not A Bear

A 16 page zine printed on white cardboard and hand stitched. Another zine by Vicky Webb, this one features lovely illustrations of bears in their natural habit, ie. having picnics and hugging each other. Unfortunately this first edition seems to be very limited in numbers and somehow I've managed to procure the very first of the precious twenty that were made.

Liv Taylor
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This 16 page, quarter sized zine drawn in HB pencil uses television as its focus. A delightful little zine with elegantly simplistic illustrations. I especially enjoy how use of pencil lends itself to the detailing, which works particularly well with this subject matter.

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