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Thursday, July 8, 2010

Yo! Burbalino #4

via Blackguard on 7/8/10

[28 pages, digest, $3.00 from Greg Farrell, 345 Eldert St #117, Brooklyn NY 11237, USA +++ doctormobogo (at) gmail.com +++ yoburbalino.com ]
Here's more comic adventures with Chef Don, Earl Squirrel and Ronnie Randerhoeven. The first story deals with prejudice - a seal with an ice cream stand refuses to sell Earl an ice cream because he's a squirrel. But! Earl has a plan to overcome this egregious injustice! The story ends with Chef Don's recipe for ice cream. I've never seen real actual recipes used in comics before. It's a welcome development!
Next up is an autobiographical tale of pre-teen racial strife at a shoe store; another rapping-style comic; then Ronnie Randerhoeven eats a banana, bins the skin, then takes a bath. What happens next, does he really poop out the banana, or is it an acual poop? He eats it though. Looks like he really enjoys it!
In 'Cricketal Acclaim', Don, Earl and Ronnie perform a comedy show hosted by a squirrel with a weird speech defect (reminded me of YB#3 and the French waiter). Wrapping up the issue is another rap style comic. "On a village on the moon, there's no light there. We're all pale, it's a nightmare." I really love this stuff.
Greg's got some really cool shit going on in his comics. Can't wait for the next one.

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