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Monday, July 12, 2010

Regeneration #7

Regeneration #7
digest, 36 pages, $2
Deeply personal perzine. Ashlee pulls all the punches and courageously shares tales of excessive drunkeness and reckless abandoment. Beginning with tales of drinking and drug use as a youngster and moving on to her early adult life, Ashlee details some of her most careless and dangerous moments while also admitting her enjoyment of a lifestyle that includes nightly apartment parties, being kicked out of bars, and run-ins with the cops. Her story becomes especially engrossing as she unveils her DWI arrest in which an Intoxilyzer test revealed a .20 alcohol concentration. Ashlee admits that her drinking days are not over and her "destructive behavior" continues, but she has slowed down a bit with age and believes that at some point she will abandon the chaos and embrace something more important. Meanwhile, her stories (and there are plenty she has yet to tell) are quite enthralling. Also included is a list of book recomendations mainly dealing with drug and alcohol craziness.

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