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Thursday, July 1, 2010

Whuddafug #3 & #4

Whuddafug #3 & #4
digest, 48 pages & 32 pages
$3 each
Seriously one of the best zines I have read in a while. #3 consists mainly of really short entries: random thoughts and stories, quotes, short fiction. Many of the entries are very thought-provoking, and it's amazing how much can be said in so few words. Reading this issues felt like flipping through a writer's idea notebook. Some of the entries in issue #3 get fleshed out in issue #4. #4 is much more text heavy and details a trip to Hawaii followed by a move from California to Texas. Anthony also reveals his purchase of ridiculously cheap land in the middle of the desert where he intends to live in a shipping container if it comes down to it. He's a family man, though, so his radical ideas are grounded in the fact that his daughter probably won't be able to go to her prom if he moves the family into the middle of the desert because what guy would want to go pick up a girl who's living in a shipping container out in boonies. There are some pretty profound musings about society in here, and my words aren't going to do this zine justice, so please check it out for yourself.
Anthony Abelaye, PO Box 861294, Plano TX 75086

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