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Saturday, July 24, 2010

Blackgaurd #2

Blackgaurd #2, spring 2009
52 pages, digest, $5
It's about time I got around to reviewing this. By now, readers of Syndicated Zine Reviews should be familiar with this zine or at least with its publisher, Stuart Stratu, a fellow reviewer on this site. What struck me upon recieving this zine was the high quality paper, the professional binding, and the slick color cover. Apparently, the folks at Blackguard spare no expense in the publishing department. Now, does the content equal the production quality? That may be up for debate. The theme of the issue is "fathers," and the majority of the contributions are comics, each at least loosely based on dads. Several of them are pretty obscence, hence the "18+ Adult Themes" notice on the cover. A few of the stories are downright weird, while others are actually pretty endearing. There is also a wide range of artistic ability reflected in these comics, some of which is pretty impressive. My favorite involved a dad who surprises his daughter with a new set of teeth after his old ones had rotted away. There are also several pages of zine reviews. As is the nature of most comp zines, not everything included will be to your liking, but I think most folks will find something enjoyable within these pages.
Blackgaurd/Stuart Stratu, PO Box 93, Paddington NSW 2021, Australia

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