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Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Living in a Dying World #3

Living in a Dying World #3
digest, 40 pages, $2
Self-proclaimed tramp, Dan Nowhere, shares his adventures and misadventures trainhopping, hitchhiking, and sleeping in the streets. Attempts to leave Portland are initially thwarted but eventually lead to a short train ride and two bummed rides in pickup trucks. The first ride is by some crazed hyper-Christian with an apparent death wish. The second is by a drunk driver on his way to a country music festival. A trainhopping trip to Baltimore is spoiled by rain and the difficulty of finding a safe and dry place to sleep, culminating in feeling more accepted in a corporate, fast food joint than in a local, anarchist bookstore. A solo trip to D.C. is cut short as Dan becomes bogged down in frustration and loneliness and ultimately returns to Pittsburgh dejected but hopefull. These stories really held my interest because I have always found this lifestyle very intriguing and I really wish I was brave enough to hop a train, but also because the stories are very well-told and are filled with astute and intelligent musings and observations on modern American society. By all means, get yourself a copy of this.
Dan Nowhere, 28 Seine Way, Pittsburgh PA 15213

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