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Monday, February 26, 2018

The Elliptical Indications of Professor Pimpant

The Elliptical Indications of Professor Pimpant

By Henri Frelon / Readers Digress! #14

A5, 12 pages, cardboard cover.

£/$: exchange encouraged, and/or stamps to cover postage

2016 marked the centenary of the dadaist movement. Originally formed as an avant-garde reaction to the first world war, dadaism could be said to have spawned work as diverse as Duchamp, Monty Python, and even a new generation of comic artists.

Readers Digress! also wears its Dada DNA proudly. The Elliptical Indications of Professor Pimpant is written somewhat in the tradition of Benjamin Peret, with a nod to Alfred Jarrry's Dr Faustroll.

It's a narrative which defies logic and order, and in which humour and absurdity rule. It adds to the 
diverse Readers Digress! canon another slippery and witty publication.  

Readers Digress! is the former incarnation of The Bubblegum Dada Corporation - a curiously offline enterprise based on the coast of England.

If you'd like a copy of 
The Heap you can now contact them at their newly acquired email address - bubblegumdadacorporation (at) gmail (dot) com - with offers to exchange creative endeavours, or an offer of stamps to cover postage.

Please say we sent you. 

Review by Nathan Penlington

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