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Monday, February 26, 2018

Drink the Sunshine - greatest hits

Drink the Sunshine - greatest hits

July 2017

A6, folded from a3 printed double sided.

25p + 75p p&p (or trades)

This is a great little greatest hits compilation taken from Drink the Sunshine, a perzine written between 2006-2010. 

It has an intimate handwritten and hand-drawn style, perfectly suited to the personal observations, dream recollections, anecdotes, and life happenings. 

It's a witty, warm, cup of tea & a chat kind of zine. You know, the best kind. And what else can you even buy for 25p in 2018?
To buy visit backofthegigzines.bigcartel.com/product/drink-the-sunshine-greatest-hits
while you're there pick up other zines by the same writer for no extra postage!

Or if you'd like to trade email backofthegig at yahoo [dot] com

Review by Nathan Penlington

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