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Tuesday, February 27, 2018

3mm Bleed by Fredrik Rysjedal

3mm Bleed by Fredrik Rysjedal 


32 pages, cardboard cover, 3 colour Riso printed. 


3mm Bleed - a graphic design drama is a self-referential, drily witty comic. The story follows an award winning graphic designer who is horrified to find their work for various companies' disposable coffee cups, plastic bags, and bottles, littering the environment. 

Is the designer part of the problem? or can they salvage their conscience? It's the perfect gift for the self-doubting graphic designer in your life. 

3mm Bleed breaks the constraints of standard layouts, and is in itself a set of aesthetically pleasing graphic designs. It's also been produced by Riso print which adds immensely to its look and feel.

If you'd like one it's best to move quickly as the print run is limited to only 50 copies. 

Available to buy in the US from Quimby's: quimbys.com/store/8327

Or visit Fredrik's site for more info, and other work: fredrikrysjedal.no/3mm-bleed

Review by 
Nathan Penlington 

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