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Tuesday, February 27, 2018

Every Human Being...#1

Every Human Being...#1

Alex Canwell

A7 zine fold from a4

£1 + p&p

The first in a series of zines that looks at things every person does. I don't really want to reveal what that thing is for issue #1 - but just be careful at what might fall out! 

The zine is formed from a collection of funny euphemisms and imaginative slang phrases illustrated with line drawings. I look forward to seeing how this series unfolds.

UPDATE: at the time of writing this zine is now sold out, so its best to contact Alex just in case this issue will be reprinted. 

Buy your copy here: http://sicksissy.bigcartel.com/product/every-human-being-mini-zine-issue-1-limited-edition-run-of-50

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