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Wednesday, August 30, 2017

Dr Faith's 5 minute therapy - Anger

Dr Faith's 5 minute therapy - Anger

by Faith G. Harper, PhD, LPC-S, ACS

14cm x 2.5cm, 28 pages, cardboard cover.


This is your brain on ANGER - what it is, how to deal 

We're living in a society that is getting angrier. A few minutes on Twitter, or the comments section of YouTube will prove that. But away from social media anger is a destructive emotion that can seriously harm your health, your sleep, and your relationships, if you let it rule your life. 

In order to tackle a big topic this is a more in-depth zine than some of the other zines in Dr Faith's series. The reader is guided through the neuroscience of anger, helping you get to grips with what is actually going on in your brain is fundamental to helping you retrain your responses. In essence this zine with help you to "let anger work for you, not against you", taking you step by step through strategies to analyse your anger, and discover just what are underlying causes to your feelings. 

What makes Dr Faith's Five Minute Therapy series so great is that each zine is succinct, friendly, low on bullshit, and high on helping you really get to grips with your problem. This issue is no exception. 

If anger is an issue you recognise in the mirror, you owe it to yourself to put your brain in a better frame of mind before you cause serious harm to yourself or others. And if you know someone with anger issues, giving them this zine might be the first step to working towards a healthier outlook. 

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Review by Nathan Penlington

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