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Monday, August 28, 2017

Flies on the wall

Flies on the wall

by Zeppelinmoon

A5 - 40 pages, b&w and colour, perfect bound. 

£2.50 plus postage

This debut zine by zeppelinmoon consists of a series of comic exchanges between flies observing the emotionally tragic lives of the human family whose walls they rest on. A couple of appearances by sloths, dogs, and seals aside, the flies on the wall operate as a minimalist comic in which each page works as an individual panel - but also helps build an implied larger narrative. 

Flies on the wall is a well produced zine in full colour - the pages that aren't flies on a white wall, obvs. It's smart, it's slick, it's crude, it's funny, and there is swearing. What's not to like? 

Check out  Zeppelinmoon on instagram for a look at current artwork, and then head over to Etsy to buy a copy.  


For more artwork, and Zepplinmoon's shop full of original t-shirts, totes, pins, cards and more, visit: 

Review by Nathan Penlington

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