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Thursday, August 24, 2017

Nirvana Rules

Nirvana Rules

by Adam Void

11cm x 14cm, 14 pages, coloured paper, hand printed card cover.

$/£: trades encouraged

We all know that Kurt Cobain ruled right, but who or what is Nirvana Rules? Adam Void sets out to solve the mystery of a series of graffiti tags that started to appear around Baltimore. Is it just a reference to the band? But where are the references to the band artwork or songs? And why did it only start appearing in 2010?  

Nirvana Rules is a great zine - part documentary of a DIY subculture, part mystery, part interview, and a DIY artefact itself. It's got a perfect old school feel to it with the use of a typewriter, handwriting, and stencil. And it's got an extra Nirvana fold out in the centre too.

If you want a copy contact Adam at adam_void (at) yahoo (dot) com - trades are encouraged. 

Adam's been making zines since 2003. If you want to make yourself drool and/or make yourself feel envious check out his past publications page: adamvoid.com/index.php?/ongoing/publications - now THAT is a zine maker.

Review by Nathan Penlington


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