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Wednesday, October 14, 2015

YouTube Girl & Airport Diner Claw Machine

YouTube Girl
12 pages, digest, color
Price ??

Airport Diner Claw Machine
32 pages, digest, black and white
Price ??

You may already know Olivia Knowles from Brainbug Magazine. She's a great cartoonist and illustrator.

YouTube Girl I liked. Airport Diner Claw Machine, not so much. YouTube Girl has a storyline, which is on the weird side, sexy in places, gross in places, but very readable and likable. All in full color. Airport Diner Claw Machine is about her first 30 days in Kutztown PA. While it doesn't have a storyline per se, the collection of mostly one frame vignettes blend together, giving the reader and overall sense of the time and place through a collage like series of snapshots. Normally I like this type of format / approach, but here it didn't do anything for me. I'm sure it would be of more interest to anyone who has a personal connection to Knowles or the geographical area, comic connoisseurs, and anyone who isn't a jaded zine reviewer. There's nothing really wrong with it. It's drawn well. It just didn't grab me.


Review by Jack Cheiky

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