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Saturday, October 3, 2015

Cleveland Ohio Zine Library

Press Release and Call for Submissions
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I am pleased to announce the opening of the first Zine Library in the Greater Cleveland Ohio area.

I pitched the Idea to my local public library and they are delighted to get in on it. They are going to start with some of the zines I have on hand right now. I only have a couple dozen because I gave away a ton of zines in August at the MOCA Cleveland Zine Exhibit.

From here on I will be donating all zines sent to me for review when I'm done with them. I will make another announcement with the library info once I know for sure where they want them sent and what branch will be displaying them. I'll be meeting with the library this week.

In the mean time you can send everything and anything to me. If I get buried in zines I'll just donate them and go to the library to catch up on reviews.

If anyone sends me material I normally would not review, (like poetry zines, for example,) I will just donate them straightaway.

If you're not familiar with Syndicated Zine Reviews, go check us out now.

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