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Friday, October 16, 2015

Stratu's Diary Comix, May 2015

Stratu's Diary Comix, May 2015
8 pages, (not counting cover,) full size, side stapled
$3.50 per issue in Australia
$5.00 per issue World Wide
accepts trades

Stuart Stratu is our friend and Australian correspondent. He is also the man behind the Blackguard Comix series. Every day in 2015,Stuart is chronicling his life with a three frame comic.

This issue covers his adversarial relationship with the local schlock radio station, his daily crosswords, Witcher III, his mental check list of to dos that he hasn't done, Rocco's 3rd birthday with Gumby cake, Dean Martin, and more shitty FM radio and crosswords. Not so much beer in this issue. One of my favorite things about these comics is the way he depicts his parents and his relationship with them. His father has dementia, and he's getting worse. Stu tries to keep things light, and he succeeds for the most part, but you cannot avoid witnessing the slow incremental loss that comes with Altheimer's. His painting himself as clownish does not hide his pain, nor the sweetness of his devotion to his parents.

Well done Stuart. Definitely one of the coolest and most welcome things I receive in the mail.

PO Box 35
Marrickville NSW 2204

Review by Jack Cheiky

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