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Tuesday, April 18, 2006

Jack Cheiky

Site Administrator

Jack Cheiky
11105 Mount Overlook
Cleveland OH 44104

quazipseudo /// gmail

Reviews: My favorites include; art, fiction, mental health, and personal zines of all types. Send me anything except poetry zines.

After review, all zines are donated to the Cleveland Ohio Zine Library located at the Cleveland Heights Public Library, Lee Road Branch.

Facebook: Everything other than reviews is posted on our Facebook page. This includes zine fests and workshops, (#zineevent,) calls for submissions, (#callforsubmission,) and all other bits of news, (#zinelibrary, #zinehistory,) and announcements about new zine releases, (not reviews,) etc.

For anything you want listed on Facebook, simply send me the link.

We still try to keep an up to date list of distros and other zine review sites so email or post all that stuff, as well as inquires about ad rates, and anything else I've left out.

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