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Friday, September 11, 2015

Organ Grinder #5

Organ Grinder #5
28 pages, full size, slick, glossy, thicker than regular paper
$7 delivered

Organ Grinder is exceptional in every way.. content, production, art, layout, and price.

Remember reading Highlights at the doctor's office when you were a kid? Organ Grinder is the adult (but family friendly) version of the puzzle magazine. Packed with every kind of puzzle you can imagine. Page after page of delightful art and layout. Content is silly, interesting, educational, and ranges from easy to difficult. Each puzzle has a point value, so you can keep score and play against your friends. There are 333 total points possible.


Just a few examples.. Match the rap stars with their real names. Identify items inserted in the rectum by looking at the E. R. X-ray. Match famous people with their cult affiliations. Name the graffiti defaced movie poster. You get the idea. Crosswords puzzles, word searches, and sudoku. There's even a centerfold collage of famous Daves, how many can you name?

I think this is destined to become a collectors item. My only dislike is I want to keep it pristine and don't want to write in it, which makes it hard to complete many of the puzzles, especially on the bus, etc. I'm keeping a small notebook with me while working on it so I don't have to mark it up.

I'll post my score when I get through the whole thing.

Would make a great gift.

Probably not taking trades, but you can always inquire


kungfujimmy ... gmail.com

review by Jack Cheiky.

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