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Tuesday, September 15, 2015

bio auto graphic: edition 21 - On the margins

bio auto graphic: edition 21 - On the margins
Michael C. Nicholson / ensixteen editions

A5, 16 pages, cardboard cover, stapled. 


As the title indicates bio auto graphic is a self penned, self drawn series of autobiographical zines that form an ongoing series of reminiscences, observations, musings around varying themes. It sounds like a simple formula, but the simplicity belies the power of Michael's work. 

This issue is a graphic meditation around what it means to be on the margins - dissecting the phrase through altering angles and shifting perspectives, not only of the visual, but also thought. 

bio auto graphic has a distinctive approach to line and space. This isn't just a comic in a shorter form, or a graphic novella in a conventional sense - bounding lines are broken, played with, and turned on their head. The visually dynamic approach to layouts combined with with author's personal revelations, philosophical musings and disarming honesty, makes for an engaging and compelling zine.

To buy a copy visit the Ensixteen blog: ensixteeneditions.blogspot.com

Or email Michael directly: ladnicholson(at)yahoo(dot)co(dot)uk

Review by Nathan Penlington

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