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Wednesday, September 23, 2015

bio auto graphic: edition 26 – A 3rd Month of Sundays

bio auto graphic: edition 26 – A 3rd Month of Sundays

Michael C. Nicholson / ensixteen editions

A5, 16 pages, cardboard cover, stapled.


Michael Nicholson continues to chart his life through this stunningly visual series of zines. A 3rd month of Sundays records 'February through the lens of a quartet of Sundays' and in the process becomes 'notes on the properties of a state of change'. 

Once again it is powerful and deeply engaging stuff: unexpected waves of grief; the parting of a 'terribly sweet, terribly sad' young couple; how it feels to have the privilege of teaching; the power of self-mythologising. That makes it all sound grand and imposing, it is not, bio auto graphic is firmly rooted in the everyday - texts from a lover, TV detective dramas, simple risottos. 

bio auto graphic is a warm, open-armed zine, unafraid of being emotionally resonant. 

Jump in. Buy a copy. 

To get your copy visit the Ensixteen blog: ensixteeneditions.blogspot.com

Or email Michael directly: ladnicholson(at)yahoo(dot)co(dot)uk

Previous issues are reviewed here: On the Margins, Another month of Sundays, The Power of Small

Review by Nathan Penlington

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