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Friday, September 25, 2015

Infinite beatitude of existence!

Infinite beatitude of existence!
Rebecca Jagoe / Ladette Space

A5, 16 colour photocopied pages with an a3 b&W photocopied text piece. Presented in a transparent polybag. Edition of 50


This zine is produced by Ladette Space, who kindly send me a package of publications a couple of months ago, they are making some very intriguing work (See previous reviews of Crow Town, The Belfie Annual, and Gorge). Their mission statement, or manifesto of sorts, is this:
Ladette Space is an experiment in making a gallery in your home and a home in your gallery
Ladette Space is a solution to a problem
Ladette Space is an invitation to our party
Ladette Space is open to suggestion
The Ladette Space experiment has me hooked. I'm interesting in the intersections of the personal and the public, where 'real life' ends and the 'maker/artist/performer/writer' begins - that intersection forms a huge part of my own work. And it is that which really interests me about zine makers - what you show and tell, and what you hide and reveal. Making your living space into a gallery is a brave move. 

The Infinite beatitude of existence! was produced to accompany Rebecca Jagoe's solo exhibition in June 2014. Sadly I missed the exhibition, but thankfully we have this - the zine. As with some other work I've reviewed I don't want to reveal too much. The joy is in discovery. I am willing to say it is a mediation on flies, thought, existence, Buffy the vampire slayer, Edwin A Abbott's Flatland, and the consequences of having a Tinder account.

Review by Nathan Penlington

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