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Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Zine Showcase #23


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Neil Dee

Necronomicon #2 :: £1 + shipping

Necronomicon is a Yorkshire, UK based horror fanzine, a sincere love letter to the horror genre in love most of all with the films that have been forgotten about. Published every-so-monthly these black and white photocopied A5 zines are intensely nostalgic with a heavy dose of dark humour.

Weng Pixin
Website :: Blog
All You've Got To Do Is..

Weng Pixin created this zine for a Pikaland project and I received it direct from them as part of a zine selection so issues are scarce. Weng uses cartoons and zines to talk about intensely painful or emotional subjects.

Elizabeth Maycox

Website :: Shop
Hard On Love :: £4.50 + shipping

"Remember. Even if nobody ever cares for you, you can always still care about somebody."

An A5, signed and numbered, machine stitched, 36 page zine; Hard On Love is the final send-up of the now defunct Love Comes in Spurts journal. Limited to strictly twenty copies; Hard On Love contains 39 breathtakingly poignant articles on love, lust, heartache and heartbreak. Everything from the sketched cover illustration of Lester Young to the intense writing right down to the library book feel of the paper this zine is nothing but beautiful.


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