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Saturday, October 15, 2011

Color Wheel: A Journal of Poetry & Art #9.11

Color Wheel: A Journal of Poetry & Art #9.11   from Laura-Marie

This mini zine is a split--Color Wheel #9.11 is on one side of the piece of paper, and Night Train volume I number 4 is on the other side. The zine consists of one piece of paper, folded.
Color Wheel is three poems, and I like each of them. My favorite might be John O'Dell's "Rules of Painting the Orchid" which ends with the line, "Go make yourself some tea."
Night Train consists of an essay about Night Train and Color Wheel. The writing is clear and clean, the speaker likable.
This split is the first zine I've read out of a pile DJ Frederick sent, and it makes me look forward to the others.

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