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Friday, October 7, 2011

Zine Showcase #22 from Oh My Clumsy Heart by Sophie

Zine Showcase #22


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Lost Boy #3 // £2.50 + shipping

60 pages of music, film and popular culture - a heavy mix gig reviews, interviews and illustrations. Lost Boy #3 arrived unexpected (thank you Liam!) and very much welcomed; if you haven't purchased the previous two issues I think you should, especially now they are on sale. I'm rather tempted by the Bukowski bag..

Erin Potter
Paper Noise Zines

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Queens :: $4.00 + shipping

Erin Potter has compiled a encyclopaedic zine of queens, visualised through portrait sketches and quotations.

Michelle Alba, Chris Dunsmore, Ryan Hall, Adelyn Hall, Cassie Kemp,
Nick Francis Potter and Samuel Cheney
Paper Noise Zines

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Vol 6: The Destroyer

A wonderfully crafted collaborative zine. Vol 6: The Destroyer is a quarter-sized zine incorporating fictional work with poetry and rather lovely illustrations.

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