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Friday, October 8, 2010

living in a dying world #3

LIVING IN A DYING WORLD #3 $2 dan.nowhere@yahoo.com I was reminded of the old anarchist zine Antipathy a lot while reading Living in a dying world. The author, Dan Nowhere has an incredible knack for the descriptive narrative which is punctuated by his heavy use of dialogue. Sometimes the over use of dialogue can kill a story and even seem gimmicky, not the case in this zine. Dan has figured out the equation and knows when to put the breaks on. I really enjoyed reading this zine. The stories are saturated in this odd mix of cynicism and the optimism of a wide-eyed freedom-loving train-hopping tramp. He writes about train hopping and the pitfalls of no-budget travel in a self destructive world with an eye for entertaining detail. Email him today, get a copy.

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