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Thursday, October 7, 2010

Killhope #1

[40 pages, half digest, $? from Rieka, PO Box 386, SINGAPORE 914013]
Rieka is a passenger in a car heading into the city at night. Memories from her school years come to her as she daydreams (or "stones", as her and her friends call it) about a thrilling water polo (with canoes!) match; a chance meeting with a childhood friend who she begins twice-weekly midnight jogs with; how she tried to like jazz music because she found out Ryan Gosling (who she had a big crush on at the time) liked it; then her first job at a Vietnamese restaurant.Nice cut/n/paste layout, easy to read. A little on the 'nice' side for my tastes, of course. (Plus the title is blatantly false advertising.) Nowhere near enough decadence or perversion! Oh well. Maybe next issue.

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