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Saturday, October 2, 2010

The Aardvark #2

The Aardvark #2
digest, 28 pages, $1, trades welcome
A zine for book lovers and library fanatics and basically anyone who loves to read words on paper. Convinced that we are in the last days of the printed word, Art Vark offers his desperate plea for folks to pry their eyes away from the screen and stick their face in a book. Mr. Vark's points are pretty persuasive, however, for those who have fully embraced the digital age and don't see the loss of the printed word as a problem, this zine is probably going to seem like an idealist's nostalgic whine-fest. I'm not saying that I see it that way, I'm just saying that there are folks out there who just won't get it. Regardless, I highly recommend giving this zine a read. It's a well-written, well-intentioned, quality publication. The introduction's theme of "follow your bliss" is very compelling. The discussion of bookless libraries is quite interesting and thought-provoking. A piece entitled "Words to Live By" is intelligent and easy to relate to. Several pages of zine reviews are also included. Get yourself a copy and read a few words on paper for a change. Red Roach Press, PO Box 771, College Park MD 20740, USA - www.manualpubs.com

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