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Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Zine Review, Somnambulist Number Ten


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What I needed: I'd like to thank Zine World for their glowing review!

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This is the review:

Somnambulist #10: "The Portland Issue." This is hands down one of the best new zines I've come across. Martha contributes two short stories. One, a poetic, beautifully written narrative that contrasts the authors' working-class, rural, "born again" roots up against the upper/middle-class cool of Portland hipster culture. The second, a story of gentrification told through the narrative lens of small casual observances between characters, rather than the political diatribe we come to expect of this topic. Martha's writing uses the sarcastic wit of a Wes Anderson flick to discuss hipster culture, a subject many of us are attuned to discussing, but one we rarely see represented as incredibly as this. Within this issue you will also find the illustrations of Rhiannon Leonard and Jason Schmidt, the poetry of Lisa Wells, and the short stories of Dan Kimbro, which were all also highly entertaining. I cannot give a more glowing recommendation—this is the zine to read. Martha Grover, PO Box 14871, Portland OR 97293, marthagrover@hotmail.com [$3 36S :30] –ailecia


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