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Friday, March 20, 2009

Getliffe, Chris


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Dirty Beast #1

Just so I can get it out of the way in the first sentence for people who like easy comparisons: this comic reminded me more than a little bit of Arsenic Lullaby by Doug Paszkiewicz, except funnier.  This mini is a barrage of short pieces with no story titles or anything to indicate any changeover in the story, except of course for the fact that the story changes.  It got me wishing for another page or so more than once, so I think that means Chris was doing his job as an artist.  Or he was failing miserably in not satisfying me with however many pages he already had planned out for each individual story, depending on your level of pessimism.  As it's pointless to review humor bit by bit, I'll just give you some of the general themes (along with the early comparison to Arsenic Lullaby for reference) and you can decide if this fits your humor level or not, OK?  There's awkward touching, an adaptive prostitute, wanton destruction, finding humor in a stroke, sex follies, getting the pictures of strangers developed, swimming with sharks, and kidnapping.  That's probably vague enough to not give anything big away, don't you think?  I chuckled out loud a few times while reading this, and those empty white eyeballs in his art had me damned near hypnotized after awhile.  Definitely worth a look to see where Chris goes from here, as more genuinely funny comics (sad that they're as rare as they are) are always a good thing.  $3



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