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Friday, March 20, 2009

Sacred Geometry Cards for the Visionary Path


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via Feminist Review by Feminist Review on 2/22/09

By Francene Hart
Bear & Company

Before I opened Francene Hart's Sacred Geometry deck, I had to admit to myself that I actually did not know what "sacred geometry" was. I was never good at math, and I don't consider myself a very spiritual person. But something drew me to the drawings and the patterns I saw on the cover of the book that accompanies the deck. 

In her introduction to the cards, Hart explains for the newby and reaffirms for the devoted what sacred geometry is: 

"Often termed the 'Language of Light,' Sacred Geometry has the ability to balance and inform. The effects of this language are obvious when we journey to sacred sites. Have you visited a pyramid or medicine wheel? You have felt the effects. Have you walked a labyrinth, participated in a spiral dance, or constructed a mandala? You have felt the effects. Have you watched light dance through a crystal or been fascinated by looking through a microscope or a telescope? You have felt the effects. From microcosm to macrocosm, from the first cell to the incomprehensible depths of the universe, patterns gather and repeat in confirmation of our connectedness."

The patterns that we experience in our lives—whether it's our personal habits and relationships, or our daily patterns of waking with the sun and breathing—are part of a larger pattern of the universe. All around us are geometrical patterns, some that we have created and some that occur naturally. Becoming more aware of and witnessing the interconnectedness of these patterns and ourselves can make us more aware of our connection to the larger universe.

Hart's beautifully illustrated cards help us to understand this connection. Sixty-four original watercolor paintings are represented on these cards. Each card, whether meditated upon individually or read within a larger spread helps to guide the reader on a visionary path. Hart not only provides some guidance for creating spreads, but she also provides detailed interpretations of each card, as well as their reverse. These interpretations are meant to guide the reader to consider different aspects of her life, not to be read as a fortune telling. Different from a Tarot deck, the Sacred Geometry cards encourage you to look into your own life as well as the larger patterns of the universe in order to better understand your situation and connection to the world. Spiritually inspiring, Hart's majestic watercolors breathe life into each card of the Sacred Geometry for the Visionary Path deck.

Review by Chelsey Clammer
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