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Friday, June 10, 2016

Zines and zines and zines

It has been a good few weeks for acquiring new zines. 

I've been sent quite a few submissions directly, plus I picked up a good haul at DIY Cultures in east London. It was a great event, almost too full of people at times, with some fantastic alternative, radical zines alongside art and comic zines. It is heartening to see London still has a thriving diy scene, despite the heavy boots of corporate capitalism squashing almost everything interesting.  

And then a huge package arrived from my friend Guy J Jackson, who visited the LA Zine Fest and gathered a brilliant array of stuff for me to plough through. 

So, reviews are coming, apologies if the backlog means they have been a little slow. 

Saying all that, I always welcome new zines. 

(The floor in the photos is the floor in my office that is so full of holes it is in the process of being replaced. I don't think I've lost any zines in the move, but if you are waiting on a review from me and it isn't up in the next two weeks give me an electronic prod!)

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