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Saturday, June 18, 2016

Back home and broke

Back home and broke by Jacob Louis Beaney 

A5 - 44 pages. 


This was one of the zines I picked up at the recent DIY Cultures event in London. It is a funny and honest look at how it feels to be forced to return to living with your parents as an adult. In telling that story Back home and broke also explores the state of the widespread poverty in UK post recession, in the grip of brutal Tory cuts to essential services, and what it means to be university educated and working class in the face of large scale unemployment. 

A lot of this zine resembles parts of my own life, so it was always going to work for me, but I genuinely feel it deserves a wide readership - if only to remind people of this truism:

"I would say class isn't indicative of your quality as a person, twats can be found in all stratospheres of the class system".  

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Review by Nathan Penlington

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