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Thursday, June 16, 2016


Tramp by Julius Smit / Eyeglass


A5 - 48 pages


Tramp is a mediation on the paths we trace through urban and rural landscapes, exploring how walking is shaped by memory and habit. A combination of black and white photographs and poetic text work together to produce a contemplative zine that forces a new focus on the streets, pavements, paths, alleys and byways that have been shaped by the histories of past journeys. Chance is something that is central to my own work, so the encouragement to wander off from your personal path is something that struck a chord.

It is a well produced zine, that rewards time spent in its company. Buy a copy, pack it in your bag, get lost in a new town, and enjoy the journey.  

Check out Julius' work here: juliussmit.co.uk

Order a copy here: eyeglassphotozines.tictail.com/product/tramp

Review by Nathan Penlington

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