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Thursday, October 25, 2012

No More Coffee #4 / Brainscan #29

No More Coffee #4 / Brainscan #29
digest, 44 pages, $3/trades
While I’m not typically a big fan of fiction zines, I found this one to be a good one. Ben of No More Coffee, a strictly fiction zine apparently, initiated this project with Alex Wrekk of Brainscan, challenging her to write a fiction issue of her zine and put it out as a split issue with his zine. Anyone who has ever read an issue of Brainscan (and who in the zine community hasn’t, really?) knows that Brainscan is a deeply personal, non-fiction zine, so producing a fiction issue was indeed a challenge. However, Alex performs famously, writing so much in her personal voice that even though the stories are fiction, they are completely believable and relatable. Alex’s half of this zine alone is reason enough to pick this up. But don’t think for a second that Ben does not also excel. His stories are just as intimate and engrossing. I found myself engaged and interested, despite the fact that it was fiction and that I have a general (and frankly unwarranted) aversion to the genre. The first story – Photographs of the Dead – is especially worth reading. In short, get your hands on a copy of this zine – it’s a rare chance to read Alex’s fiction, but it’s also a great fiction zine overall.

Ben Spies, 2464 W. Berteau Ave., Chicago IL 60618 USA
Alex Wrekk, 5307 N. Minneapolis Ave., Portland OR 97217 USA

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