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Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Great new zines in distro!

Great new zines in distro!

New Zines in Distro!
Fat-tastic! #2
A great little compilation about body image, with stories about Yoga for Everyone, Fat & Healthy, Scars, Ballance, and a sweet and powerful letter to Beth Ditto, who is a great role model for fat acceptance.
Stunned Lungs #2
another beautiful haunting poetry zine from Tara, with poems about love and bruises, annihilation and jellyfish, the last desperate thing we did. With a beautiful block print cover, each one hand printed and sewn.

Rad Dad #22 Riot Parent
This issue is "focused on ways radical feminism of the 90's and the Riot Grrrl movement have left their mark on many of us, with essays that explore a wide range of topics from punk to boycotting to the conflits that Riot Grrrl (or punk in general) might provoke inside ourselves." Interviews with people from Positive Force, Bratmobilie, and Spitboy, plus a sweet Riot Parent Manifesto.

no better than apples 8
I'm so happy to finally get another issue of this zine! Beautifully done, with lots of different stories and thoughts. Sad family stories, about her mothers illness, their relationship, her grandma passing away, her own illness; I'm not sure how she gets the courage to tell these stories. And then the ways of survival and love, ways of learning to feel safe, drinking maple sap like water, teaching at Girls Rock Camp, cutting hair, writing. 

Ship of Fools #6
comic zine with beatuiful drawings of aimlessness in Greensboro. moving back to Baltimore. friendship

Everybody Moon Jump #11
Sweet rambly little diary type zine about being gay, operation AHAP (As Hot As Possible), why do you have to bang people to prove you're gay, fears, tedious nights, things to do to feel better 

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