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Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Echo! Echo! #9


Echo! Echo! #9
mini-zine, 48 pages + cardstock cover, $?
A consistently good zine that consistently gets better. This time Keet's prose gets even more personal and vivid. Most of this issue documents a visit to Keet's place of origin: Manila, Philippines. Keet had been away for 5 years, and the anxiety of going back home is palpable in her writing, which is very descriptive as she describes the sights, sounds, tastes, smells, and (of course) the emotions of being back home. So much of this zine is quotable: "These are the colours I remember the most: band-aid pink, polished brown, silver. The shape of the doors, the narrow dip in the driveway, the plants on the veranda. The neighbourhood kids peered into the car and I refused to look them in the eye. I stared and stared until my eyes blurred. I told L to drive off before I could remember everything."
If the writing isn't enough to draw you in, Keet's illustrations certainly will. See examples of her work here. I may be biased, having been a fan of Echo! Echo! (and Keet in general) for years now, but I feel certain that you would be remiss if you didn't check this out.
Keet Geniza

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