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Monday, September 24, 2012

The Radvocate #7

The Radvocate #7
32 pages, Digest
$2, £1, €1

     If you’ve never read a copy of the Radvocate, this is a great issue to start with. The bulk of both the prose and poetry range from above average to very good, and there’s great art peppered throughout, with a kick-ass full color cover by Fade Hurricane.
     Matt gives us another chapter in his skate-punk travelogue in which he and his French cohorts rampage through Switzerland. Photo of Vlad sleeping on the asphalt in front of the van.
     Top notch writing includes micro fiction by Anthony Muni Jr, poetry by Missy Solis, some rambling stream of consciousness stuff from Kevin Yee, and Michael Kraft starts with what seems like a cheesy freshman writing exercise but ends up with a quite brilliant little vignette.. very sly, you don’t see it coming until you’re all caught up in it.

The Radvocate
Matt Lewis / Ayahuasca Publishing
3245 University Ave 1430
San Diego CA 92104

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