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Thursday, September 13, 2012

Five Years Dun Write

September 2012 marks five years of service to the zine community here at Syndicated Zine Reviews. We are fast approaching 100,000 hits on the site!

Much LOVE to the volunteers who have made this a reality. -------------- >

To celebrate this milestone we've come up with the IF YOU WANT SOMETHING DUN WRITE campaign.

Are you sick and tired of biased reviewers who obviously don't get your zine? Or having it skimmed and getting a 20 word review? How about editors who take a really long time to get an issue together? Having you zine "misplaced?" Getting contact info wrong? And all around just not getting the respect you deserve?

Friends, the time has come to get it DUN WRITE! During the month of September write your own damn review. Give your zine the long overdue praise it deserves. Get it DUN WRITE and get it SYNDICATED!

send reviews to quazipseudo (x) gmail.com

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