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Thursday, September 27, 2012

The Migraineur #1

Zine Review: The Migraineur #1

The Migraineur #1
By Carrie Mercer
c/o Alterior Motives
4513 41st Ave S.
Minneapolis MN 55406
28 pages / half sized / $3 + postage

Carrie authored a zine that I enjoyed reading immensely (Bookstore Thief) so I ordered this one when I saw it listed on etsy. The Migraineur #1 relates Carrie’s ongoing struggles with migraines in excruciating detail. I use that word because those of us who don’t experience migraines firsthand have no idea what it is really like – the physical and emotional intensity, and the social fallout. This zine is an education, Carrie includes an interview with her mother who is also a migraineur, information about foreign accent syndrome, and her firsthand accounts of coping / not coping with pain most of us can’t even imagine. This is an exceptional zine, infused with Carrie’s quality writing.

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