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Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Piltdown Lad #4

Zine Review: Piltdown Lad #4

Piltdown Lad #4
The Nasty Oh-Dear
40 pages
Kelly Dessaint
PO Box 86714
LosAngeles CA 90086

There are a handful of zines that, when I’ve turned the final page, make me think: I want to read more of that. Big Hands & Burn Collector are two such zines, and now I have to add Piltdown Lad to the list. Piltdown Lad #4 opens with Kelly Dessaint discussing his zine creations past & present, segueing into what feels like an incomplete autobiographical piece called “The Nasty Oh-Dear” which left me with so many questions about the writer & his brother & their survival through adolescence. Kelly continues with an account of the LA Zine Fest, a generous helping of zine reviews, and the origins of his zine’s name.  Piltdown Lad #4 has the right mix of variety and content – an absolute must read.

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